Verse-A-Day Challenge

What is the Verse-A-Day Challenge???

The Verse-A-Day challenge is a Bible journaling challenge hosted by myself, Christian Creative.  Each month I will publish a new article with a topic that we will be covering for that month with the verse for each day.  Each day will have a verse assigned to that day for you to read, meditate on and finally Bible journal.

What if I miss a day??

That is ok!!  Just jump in on the day it is and join us.  There are days that I don’t get to complete the verse for that day too and that is ok.  The idea is to get you spending more time in the Word.

I really need to focus on a topic already done, can I go back and do that challenge instead??  

Absolutely!!  That is why the titles of the challenge tell you the topic of the challenge so you can easily go back and focus on what is on your heart at the time.