What is C-PTSD??

All too often I hear, "What is C-PTSD??"  "What does the C stand for?"  People have heard of PTSD.  However, few people have heard of C-PTSD or Complex PTSD.  Actually, C-PTSD is so new that it has not even made it into the DSM yet.  However, it will hopefully be listed in there when the … Continue reading What is C-PTSD??

2020 Word of the Year ~ Healing

I really struggled with the word of the year God gave me for 2020.  You see, I had decided my word of the year should be joy.  I had great reasoning.  I have lost my joy in life and I need to find it again.  But God said, "No Sheena! To find your joy you … Continue reading 2020 Word of the Year ~ Healing