Preparing for Seasonal Depression

As we start the month of October I am sitting here already in a lot of pain due to my fibromyalgia and the cold weather has not even arrived yet.  Its 103* in Alabama today, a new record high.  It makes me really worry about how I am going to transition during winter.  Between the increased pain I experience with the cold weather and the seasonal depression I battle when the days grow shorter, I know I need to take these days to plan for preparing my heart, mind, and soul to make it through the winter months.

seasonal depression

My mind craves to do something productive and creative, but my body just wants to cuddle up in my recliner with my blanket and puppy and rest all day long.  However, I know if my mind is idle my depression will be worse.  Therefore, I am determined to not let that be the case for me.

In previous years we have attempted to set up an area for me to be able to sit and work at the same time and I feel like it has never fully worked out.  I usually have too much stuff.  =)  I mean when I Bible journal I need all the craft supplies, right?!?!  So I am going to do something a little more scaled back this year and I would love for you to join me.

I am going to use all my favorite pens, some watercolor brushes and probably some stickers too and I am going to finally work through my copy of Shanna Noel’s book “100 Days of Bible Promises“.  I really feel like reflecting on the promises of the Bible will be great for all of us who battle mental health struggles and/or seasonal depression during the winter months.

So who wants to join me???

Click the link above and order your copy of Shanna’s book today!!  Then make sure to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram to share your pages.

In case you missed it, I am going to be teaching at a Bible journaling conference in a few short weeks and I will be talking about God being the light during dark times.  It’s all online and completely free so make sure you sign up today and don’t miss it!!!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Seasonal Depression

  1. Ty 4 this post
    I choose to journal in the kitchen (lesser supply) – and during the dark cold days I flame the woodburner stove in the kitchencorner behind me + place a daylight lamp on top of the table. Journaling I do with the daylightlamp on. It really helps!


    1. I have got to get a daylight lamp soon. My therapist told me about them during the summer and I totally forgot about it till you said something. Thank you for the reminder!! I always open all the blinds in my house when I get up. I prefer as much sunlight to come in as possible.

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