Introducing “I Never Wanted to be Like Her”

Ouch, that is hard!!  But it’s true!  I am talking about my mother.  The one I just wrote about losing.  Yes, I still miss her.  But growing up I always said, “I Never Wanted to be Like Her”.


In January when I was diagnosed with BPD.  My first thought was “I am just like my mother”.  But the truth is I am far from like my mother.  Now I am sharing my story with everyone in hopes that it can help someone else.

“I Never Wanted to be Like Her” started as a quote from my childhood.  It turned into an Instagram account to share about mental illness and now I am excited to announce within the next year it will be turning into a book!!

While one big factor in having BPD is childhood trauma, I am going to share how what should have destroyed me has made me stronger and I could not have walked through that pain without God.

I am so thankful for my grandparents who spent so much time sharing God with me because while they are gone now it is the mustard seed they planted in my life that is helping me overcome what society wants to say is the worst diagnosis ever.

I hope you will join me on this journey through BPD with God by my side.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with updates related to my book and how I am doing with BPD.

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