Its Not Suppose to be This Way

Right now I am in the middle of an amazing Bible study by Lysa Terkeurst called “Its Not Suppose to be This Way“.  I actually joined the online Bible study by Proverbs 31 for this study and I am so glad I did.  But lets talk about what brought me to join this Bible study and read this book and really dig into it.

About nine months ago I was suffering from chest pains, with my family history and both of my parents having high blood pressure I decided to seek medical advise.  I do have high blood pressure myself, however, my primary doctor referred me to a therapist.  My primary doctor also gave me a handout on breathing techniques and said she really felt like it would help me.

Through the summer and into the fall I suffered from panic attacks pretty regularly.  I spent many sessions with my therapist with just handfuls of tear filled tissues.  During one of my more recent sessions my therapist told me “you need to read this book”.  So when I left her office I went and picked it up from the store and started reading it.  There has been so many wonderful words of advise in Lysa’s book.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you pick it up.

Today I want to share a quote with you from her book that has really stood out to me and for those of you suffering through life right now I believe it will really help you too.

We are imperfect because we are unfinished.  -Lysa Terkeurst

This quote has really stood out to me a lot.  I wrote it in my notes in my Bible study and I art journaled it in my Bible which isn’t something I have felt drawn to do very much lately.  However, Lysa talked about painting and how each painting is different and unique and how God is the ultimate painter, Creator, of our lives.

We Are Imperfect Because We Are Unfinished

For anyone going through a tough season in life I highly recommend you pick up Lysa’s book “Its Not Suppose to be This Way“.

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