Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!  I pray you are all having a wonderful day today with your family, but even more than that I pray you are sharing the true meaning of Christmas with your family.

This year God really laid it on my heart to spend less time focusing on Santa and the commercialize side of Christmas and more time focusing on the birth of Jesus and the true purpose of Christmas.  Our pastor had some amazing sermons on the purpose of Christmas and it really touched me.  So this year we spent more time focusing on Jesus.

Now we did still enjoy some of the commercialize parts of Christmas.  We decorated with a tree, we went to parades, our elf on the shelf was here, Santa brought presents; but we spent more time talking about the true meaning of Christmas and we spent today focusing more on Jesus and nothing on Santa.

It all started last week, God had really laid it on my heart to not celebrate Santa on Christmas Day.  My husband and I talked about it and we made some changes to our regular Christmas morning Santa gifts.  On Sunday evening while we were at church singing Christmas carols, listening to the true story of Christmas and taking part in communion with our church family; our elf on the shelf wrote a letter…

Christmas 2019-6

Christmas Eve when we woke up which was early for my six year old Santa had brought presents for all of the children.  It wasn’t a crazy amount of stuff but plenty for them.  We had spent so much time talking about giving instead of receiving and the best gift we could ever receive already being given to us that my children asked for very little and focused so much on giving.  My teenage daughters each asked for one thing, my teenage son didn’t ask for anything and my six year old son asked for three things.  They all got what they asked for and a few more things that I knew they wanted.


Christmas Eve evening it was just my husband, myself and our youngest two children.  We went to our church where we sat by the Christmas tree and read the story of Christmas before partaking in communion has a family.  It was the most amazing experience listening to my six year old tell us what each part represented and when the first communion was taken.

Christmas 2019-1Christmas 2019-2

Christmas Day we spent time playing together, enjoying each others company and celebrating Jesus’s birthday with a cake my husband and youngest two children made just for Jesus.  Besides whats a birthday without cake so we have to have cake for the best birthday ever.

Christmas 2019-4

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas however you spent it.  I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.  Merry Christmas!!

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