Blessings ~ Verse-A-Day Challenge

WOW!!  It seems crazy to think we are getting ready for November, I feel like this year just started!!  For this months verse-a-day challenge I have chosen the topic of blessings.  During the month of November I want you to work on really reflecting on the blessings God has given you in your life.


If you are new to my challenge its really very simple.  Each day look up the verse(s) for that day and spend some time reflecting on it.  When you read the passage what is God saying to you?  Once you have read it and spent some time reflecting on it spend a little more time and journal it in your Bible, notebook or just a piece of paper.

After you are done Bible journaling it take a picture and share it with us in my group, Beginner Bible Journaling.

If you share your Bible journaling work on Instagram use #ChristianCreativeChallenge so we can connect.  Just remember if your account is private I won’t be able to find you from the hashtag, but it will help you find others who are also participating in the challenge.

Finally make sure you print the image above so you can easily reference back to the list of verses for the challenge.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey through the verse-a-day challenge and I would like for you to all be in prayer with me about what God will bring next into our group.  God bless!!

2 thoughts on “Blessings ~ Verse-A-Day Challenge

  1. I am no longer getting emails and don’t know why. I want to do you verse a day challenge and cant print the calendar. I don’t have the password to get into the members only site. Can you help me with this please. Thank you


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