10 Verses for Getting Started

I am pretty sure this blog post has been on my mind for over a year now.  I bet some of you can guess what finally got me to put it together in a post…I left this morning with my best friend heading to Michigan.  Be sure to watch my stories on Instagram and Facebook for updates, although cell service will be very limited.

10 Verses for Getting Started

So for those of you who don’t know I am on my way to Michigan this morning to teach at the Ultimate Bible Journaling Retreat hosted by the Bright Bible!!  I am one of the teachers and I am teaching the basics of bible journaling.

One thing I always here from people the most is “I don’t know where to start”.  So I have put together a list of verses and I am sharing it here with you today.  This is my “10 Verses for Getting Started Bible Journaling”.  I am also going to be sharing this list during the retreat so for any of you joining us this is a little sneak peek for you.

Now another secret I have for you is not only have I been planning this post for about a year I have also been planning YouTube tutorials to go along with each of these verses.  If you aren’t subscribed to me on YouTube, make sure to head on over there and hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of my tutorials.

For now make sure you save the image above.  I can’t wait to see what everyone creates for these 10 verses!!!

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