Did You Know We Homeschool?

I have been praying for a while now asking God if I should share about our homeschooling journey with all of you.  I was really hesitate about it at first, however, one of our big focuses in school is God and he has led me to share about our homeschooling journey with you all.  Maybe give you a little more personal side of me.

Intro to Homeschool-2

Now we have not always homeschooled.  My older three children went to public school for several years.  My oldest was in fifth grade when we pulled out and now she is in ninth grade.  My children wanted to homeschool before God laid it on my heart to bring them home for learning.

During the years when my children were ready and I was not, my baby went through 2 1/2 years of early invention.  Looking back on it I believe God was preparing me for what was to come.  I never felt like I could teach my children, but with my baby being in therapy it was more of them showing me and me working with him.  Therapy really changed my mind about being able to teach my children.

When we started homeschooling we were not sure if it would be something we would always do or if it would only be for a season of our life.  After almost five full years of homeschooling, I know it is something we will always do.  We have contemplated putting some of the older ones back into public school from time to time; however, God has always led us to keep them at home.

I hope to share more with you about our homeschooling journey along the way!!

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