Who Do You Say I Am – Book Review

We just finished up our group Bible study on the book “Who Do You Say I Am” by Becky Harling.  I must say I really enjoyed this Bible study.

Who Do You Say That I Am

Becky’s Bible study was the prefect amount of information for each day so that it wasn’t too much making it hard to keep up with daily, but gave you enough to really dig into the Word.  I thoroughly enjoyed the topics of each week and looking deeper into the “I Am” statements of God.  After this study I can firmly say if God was to ask me “Who do you say I am” I would know the answer.

I enjoyed the personal stories she shared throughout the book also.  This was the first Bible study I had done that did not have a video or book to go along with it and I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I really enjoyed it with her personal stories through out the Bible study.

If you are looking for a Bible study to do in a group or by yourself I would highly recommend Becky Harling’s “Who Do You Say That I Am”.

Disclosure: Thanks to Moody Publishing for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.  Please check out my policies and disclosure for more details.

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