Unwrapping the Bible – Book Review

One thing that has really been on my heart for about six months now is going back to school.  I have been looking into my opinions, but in the meantime anything I can use to study the Bible deeper I have been using since my plan is to go back and get my degree in ministry.


“Unwrapping the Bible” by David Veerman was a book I thought would be great for studying the Bible and to my surprises its actually a Bible study.  “Unwrapping the Bible” is a Bible study of seven doctrines include the doctrine of God, doctrine of humanity, doctrine of revelation, doctrine of Christ, doctrine of salvation, doctrine of sanctification and doctrine of the church.  Anyone who is looking to dig deeper into the Word of God and understand the truths of God’s essentials I would highly recommend “Unwrapping the Bible” by David Veerman.

Each session is broken down it the prefect amount of information to study in one session without being overwhelmed.  Each session also includes some good questions to really make you think more about what you are studying.  I really enjoyed using this book to dig deep into the Word and the truths of God.

Disclosure: Thanks to Tyndale for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.  Please check out my policies and disclosure for more details.

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