Where Two or More Are Gathered Together

Today I am going to share something rather personal with y’all.  Something I haven’t really shared with anyone.  I believe my husband, my best friend, my older children and my doctor know about this.

For the last week I have been suffering from severe panic attacks.  I am waking up in the morning and before my eyes are even opening I feel like I can’t breathe.  I have sharp pains in my chest and I am gasping for air.  Now when I stop and practice my breathing I feel better and I am able to get them under control until I stop practicing my breathing and then they start all over again.

Over the last year I have gone through a lot of stressful situations.  I would like to say those stressful situations have gotten better, however, I have come to realize the more I stand for God the more the enemy is trying to bring me down.  I have actually been to the doctor more this year than any other time in my life except for when I was pregnant, and no I am not pregnant.

So I have turned to prayer.  Sunday evening during our prayer service at church I went to the alter.  I have told my children I feel like praying at the alter is the closest most intimate place to be with God in prayer so that is where I went.  I laid on the alter crying out to God for help.  Telling God that I am laying my panic attacks at his feet.  For Him to heal my body and take away my panic attacks.  During my time on the alter with God I felt different people come up and lay hands on me and pray with me, however, at the time I had no clue who the two people where.  Actually to be honest by her touch I had a feeling one of them was my oldest daughter.

Later that night I received two photos and I want to share that with you.  As a parent we are an example for our children.  I am not by any means a prefect parent and I know I make mistakes, a lot of them.  But I am trying my best to teach my children the importance of prayer.  In my opinion prayer is just as important as spending time studying the Bible.

Where Two Or More Are Gathered-2

Earlier in the day I had quoted this scripture to my son:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20

This scripture stuck out in his head and when he saw me praying he felt led to pray with me.

Where Two Or More Are Gathered-1

Just remember you are teaching your children how to pray, how to worship and how to study.  Let them see you at God’s feet, lifting your hands to worship God and spending time in His word because it is important.

I know personal stories are not something I have really shared much on my blog.  I have tried to keep the personal stories to my personal blog; however, I feel a pulling from God telling me I need to share more of this type of stuff with you.  I really hope this is something you like reading and learning more about me.  As I find more answers and can give you more of a full story I will tell about why I have been at the doctor so much this year.  Until then I would just like to ask you to be in prayer with me for the doctors to find answers and get me on a path of healing.  I know the ultimate doctor is in control and I am giving it all to him.

4 thoughts on “Where Two or More Are Gathered Together

  1. Praying for you and praising God for touching the lives of your children through your example. Praying God holds you and them close in His hand. May the enemy be bound and you be healed in the name of Jesus.


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