Archaeology Study Bible – Book Review

I absolutely love receiving new Bibles and study Bibles have quickly become my favorite Bibles even over journaling Bibles.  Study Bibles just really help me with digging deeper into my study time.  Today I am sharing with you the Archaeology Study Bible.  This particular Bible is translated in the English Standard Version.  Over the last few years I have seen the ESV (or English Standard Version) becoming more and more popular.  My first journaling Bible was actually an ESV translation and I always enjoyed seeing how it was worded compared to my KJV or NIV Bibles.


The ESV Archaeology Study Bible includes several unique features:

  • Thousands of notes illuminated the biblical text by providing archaeological, historical, and geographical background on various events, places, people, and everyday items mentioned in Scripture.
  • Hundreds of sidebars provide more in-depth information on topics of interest from an archaeological perspective.
  • Hundreds of full-color photos, maps, and diagrams invited the reader into the visual world of the Bible.
  • Book introductions describe the way in which archaeological fieldwork has allowed us to understand each book of the Bible better.
  • Fifteen articles written specifically for this project explore key topics of interest in biblical archaeology.
  • Specially crafted charts provide an easy thumbnail guide to such matters as the Hebrew calendar and important test of the ancient world.
  • An all-new glossary defines key words used through the ESV Archaeology Study Bible.

For those of us who always want to know more about the history when we read a story in the Bible, this Bible would be quiet beneficial.  As we all know the Bible does not tell us the complete story of everything going on all the time.  But with the research of the archaeologist this Bible can help us to see more of the complete story from the time period of the story.  The study notes help to paint a more detailed picture of the history in our minds as we spend time studying the Bible with this study Bible.  I see the ESV Archaeology Study Bible being a Bible I will go back to time and time again as I am studying my Bible.

The ESV Archaeology Study Bible is a hard cover Bible which I absolutely love.  The only feature this Bible is missing, which I will add to it myself, is bookmarks.  With all the details in this Bible I am going to need multiple bookmarks to help me keep up with the pages I am on while using it.

Disclosure: Thanks to Crossway for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.  Please check out my policies and disclosure for more details.

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