My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

I have gone back and forth so many times about writing this post, but I finally decided to tell y’all about my favorite Bible journaling supplies.  I was hesitate to write this post, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to buy these supplies to have pretty pages.  I feel very strongly about using what you have on hand.  But I get so many questions about it I decided I would share with you my favorite Bible journaling supplies.

Favorite Supplies-2

My very most favorite is actually something that is no longer available for purchase so I am going to start with it!

Stampin’ Up Watercolor Crayons

I purchased these crayons about 12 years ago when my oldest was a baby and I did a lot of scrapbooking.  I have held on to them all these years and when I started Bible journaling I have used them so much.  I love how forgiving they are compared to crayons or colored pencils and I love how easy it is to create the watercolor effect with them.  Stampin’ Up does have watercolor pencils now, and I have some of them and love them as well.  But the crayons are still my favorite.  You may be able to find other watercolor crayons that are not Stampin’ Up brand, however, I don’t want to suggest just any brand since I haven’t tried them.

Aqua Painter

The aqua painters I use are from Stampin’ Up as well.  I have had them again since my scrapbooking days.  I am actually in the market to purchase some new ones soon.  I am not sure if I will go with Stampin’ Up or another brand.  However, I absolutely love them for using with my watercolor crayons and ink pads to create the watercolor effect.

Sticker Paper and Stickers

I love to pick up stickers at Hobby Lobby when they are on sale 50% off which by the way is typically every other week.  However, I also like to use sticker paper to print all kinds of freebies on.  I have a laser printer so I don’t actually use clear sticker paper, but I have not had any issues with my white sticker paper in my Bible.  Having sticker paper on hand to use for printing freebies is really budget friendly and a huge help when I am in the middle of a page and search online for a cute freebie and find one.


I have picked up quiet a variety of napkins from Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and Target dollar aisle.  They are one of my favorite items to use in creating a page.  They are quick and easy to add to the page and then with some stickers or lettering I am done.


Gesso is a must have for using napkins.  It is also great for when I am hand lettering on a page so that the ink does not bleed through.  The one time I have found that I don’t like to use gesso first is when I am watercoloring.  However, I will watercolor, dry the page, apply gesso and then do my hand lettering.

Calligraphy Pens

My tombow calligraphy pens are my go to for hand lettering.  I have found my favorite way to learn a new style of lettering is to look through my fonts on my computer, find one I like and then mimic it into my Bible.  I have a lot of fonts on my computer that are commercial licensed.

My Promise Bible

So many people ask about what Bible to use and I actually wrote a post on selecting a Bible, however, My Promise Bible is my favorite journaling Bible.  I love the tabs that came with it, the fact that its pink and hard covered.  It has beautifully illustrated pages and lots of blank pages that I can completely design myself.

Heat Gun

This thing saves me so much time!!  I know it really doesn’t take long for a page to dry, but those few minutes add up when you are a busy Mom of four.  Also I like to know my pages are completely dry before I move on to the next step, so I use my heat gun on almost every page.

Paper Mate Flair Pens

Now I must admit I love paper mate pens.  It doesn’t matter if its flair or ink joy I love them both.  But the flair pens have become my favorite this year.  I love the felt tip and all the variety of colors.

Ink Pads

I have a lot of ink pads from Stampin’ Up, but I absolutely love to use my ink pads to achieve the watercolor effect.  Its so easy to do using my aqua painter and the colors are so bright and vibrant.

I hope this list gives you an idea of some supplies to help you grow your stash in Bible journaling!!  I know everyone is going to have different opinions, but these are my most used and favorite supplies.  Please don’t get too caught up in the supplies and forget the real reason you are Bible journaling is to grow closer to God!

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