Worldview Study Bible – Bible Review

Today I am so excited to be sharing a new study Bible with you.  This isn’t a journaling Bible, but it is a great Bible to use for all your Bible studies.  The Worldview Study Bible is the Christian Standard translation.  I recently started using this translation for my studying when I received the The Study Bible for Women.  It is very similar to the NIV and I really like it for studying.  As I have previously said I feel this translation is great for anyone who is new to reading the Bible and struggles with reading the King James translation.

Worldview Study Bible

I love that the Bible comes in a nice storage box.  It is wonderful for protecting the Bible and keeping it safe while not using it.  The Worldview Study Bible is a navy leather bound Bible.  I don’t love the soft cover, but I do love how nice the leather looks.

Each chapter opens with an introduction telling you about the chapter and giving you some background information and structure of the chapter.  It also has a timeline on the opening pages of the chapter.  Finally in the opening pages it also includes some Christian worldview elements.  With how the world is these days and how much our children are exposed to I think this really helps us in thinking about some of the stuff of the world.

Through out the chapter there are also essays related to worldview elements.  I really found these essays to be hugely helpful in bring the Christian perspective into these topics.  The chapters also have study notes at the bottom of each page related to the scripture.  One thing this study Bible has that I have seen not all of them have but its something I love is the scripture references.  I think these references are really helpful when studying the Bible to be able to read them along with the current scripture you are reading.

A few other features that I found to be really helpful in the Worldview Study Bible are it has two bookmarks, beautifully illustrated maps in the back and an awesome concordance.  The bookmarks are great for studying so you can easily keep your place between two different locations within the Bible.  The maps are details to help you in located different places discussed in the Bible.  The concordance is always helpful when you are studying a certain topic.  We see these features in a lot of Bibles these days, but I do want to point out how helpful they are in the Worldview Study Bible.

Disclosure: Thanks to B&H Publishing Group for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.  Please check out my policies and disclosure for more details.

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