A Bible Study on Anger – Bible Journaling Challenge

This month our Bible journaling challenge is on anger.  A few months ago when I asked what people would like to study this was the second most popular answer so this month we are focusing on verses related to anger.  These verse are related to anger management in particular.  Let God soften your heart with these verses and help you to work through your anger.


I will be doing a giveaway again this month.  I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work this month for the challenge.  Remember to enter the giveaway your work must be from the verses selected for the challenge and posted on the entry for June’s challenge.

To join the giveaway find the post for June’s Challenge in my group, Beginner Bible Journaling, and share your work for each day’s verse on that post.  Each post that you make needs to include a photo of your work for that days verse and each post is one entry into the giveaway.  So for the month of June you could have 30 entries into the giveaway.  Then on July 1st I will have a LIVE video in Beginner Bible Journaling where I will draw for the winner.

Since I had issues with the LIVE video for showing the prizes for the May challenge, I decided I would include a picture of the June prizes in this post.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s work and blessing someone for following me on this journey.


If you are new to my challenge its really very simple.  Each day look up the verse(s) for that day and spend some time reflecting on it.  When you read the passage what is God saying to you?  Once you have read it and spent some time reflecting on it spend a little more time and journal it in your Bible, notebook or just a piece of paper.

After you are done Bible journaling it take a picture and share it with us in my group, Beginner Bible Journaling.  Make sure to share it on the months post for entries into the giveaway.

If you share your Bible journaling work on Instagram use #ChristianCreativeChallenge so we can connect.  Just remember if your account is private I won’t be able to find you from the hashtag, but it will help you find others who are also participating in the challenge.

Finally make sure you print the image above so you can easily reference back to the list of verses for the challenge.

2 thoughts on “A Bible Study on Anger – Bible Journaling Challenge

  1. i have a question….you had one for jan..2017 and not 2018….i was also wondering if you have any for feb-dece.2017?


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