Using a Prayer Journal

Do you ever tell someone you will pray for them and then you forget??  Me too!!  Today I am going to share with me my tips for remembering to pray for those people by using a prayer journal.

Prayer Journal-2

I actually have two prayer journals that I use.  First we will start out by looking my prayer journal that I keep prayer request in.  Now I am not going to show a lot inside this journal because it is personal.  But I do want to share some of it with you and how I made it personal for me.

Prayer Journal-3

I started out with just a weekly planner from Dollar Tree.  It is set up in weekly view with several lines to write on each day.  I added some stickers to the front of it related to prayer.  Then I just use my favorite pen to write down any prayer request from people in it.  One nice thing about keeping my prayer journal is when I talk to someone later on I can look back and remember exactly when we last spoke and what I said I would pray about so then I can follow up and see how things are going about that situation.

Prayer Journal-4

The second prayer journal I am going to share with you is more of my personal prayer request.  This prayer journal is actually a mini binder I picked up on the dollar aisle at Target.  It has six dividers and some lined paper inside of it.  To make it more personal for me I added a sticker to the front related to prayer and a sticker on the front of each tab with a Bible verse or encouraging words on it.  I decided to label my tabs: me, marriage, kids, family, friends and other.

Prayer Journal-5

The me tab is all about me.  Doctor’s appointments, stuff related to my blog and how I am feeling.  The marriage tab is about me and Adam.  My prayers for him and our marriage. If you haven’t read “The Power of the Praying Wife“, I highly recommend it.  I read this book and it really helped me a lot in thinking about things I should pray for my husband for.  The kid tab is about my children and my prayers for them.  I read the book “The Power of the Praying Parent” and it gave me lots of ideas of things we need to pray for regarding our children.  But I will also write down things my children are currently going through and include them in this tab.  The family tab is my parents, siblings, grandparents, nieces and nephews.  When something happens to one of them I will write out my specific prayers for them.  The friend tab is my close friends.  Again when something happens to one of them I will write out my specific prayers for them.  The other tab is when something is really laying on my heart and it doesn’t fall into one of the other categories.  I will write out my prayer and include it behind this tab.

I hope my prayer journals will help you along the path in your prayer life.  This month in our Verse-A-Day challenge we have been focusing on prayer and if you need specific scripture related to prayer make sure to check it out.

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