What is the Best Journaling Bible

I get asked a lot “what is the best journaling Bible?”  Well I have a few questions for you to help answer your question.

1.  What is your prefer translation of the Bible??

This is different for everyone.  Some people only want a King James translation of the Bible.  Other people prefer an NIV translation of the Bible.  For everyone this answer is different.  But start out by answering that question.

2.  Do you want pre-designed pages or not??

Some people will say “I am not very artistic” and they don’t want just blank pages to design themselves.  Other people love blank pages to design.  I personally like a mixture of both and I will tell you I have not seen a journaling Bible where every page is pre-designed.  Right now the Bible on my wish list is an interleaved Bible, where every other page is blank.  It is rather large, but gives me lots of room for journaling.

After answering these questions now you are ready to look for the best journaling Bible for you.  You can look through the links to the different translations below to find one in your preferred translation.  Most translations will have Bibles with pre-designed pages in them and from reading the descriptions of the Bibles you can determine if its the best one of you or not.

If you are interested in a translation I didn’t list, just leave me a comment and I’ll update my post with additional translations.

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