Prayer Bookmarks ~ FREE PRINTABLE

Last week after writing my post about the power of prayer on my personal blog, I was inspired to create some bookmarks to help remind me about the power of prayer.  Also to help remind me about the importance of prayer.

While creating these bookmarks I actually decided to Bible journal Matthew 6:6 in my Creative Bible and I am sharing that video on YouTube today where you can see exactly how I did that.  You can see my YouTube video here.

Power of Prayer-2

I select three verses that spoke to me about prayer and used them in creating my bookmarks.  I also used the wording “The Power of Prayer” and “Have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it?”  The second wording really speaks to me because so many times I am guilty of talking to my husband, Mom or friends about a situation when I should be praying about it instead.  I am trying really hard to spend more time in prayer about situations and less time talking about them.  This past week I also created a War Binder, which I’ll share with you soon.  I am still working on it, but I am hoping it helps me to spend more time in prayer.

You can download your free copy of my bookmarks in my Member’s Only Library.  If you aren’t a member, you can join my mailing list here to receive the password to my library.  If you use these bookmarks I would love for you to share with me how you design them.  My daughter actually designed the coloring in these bookmarks.  I am currently out of laminating pouches, but as soon as I pick up some more I am going to laminate them for her.

Prayer Bookmarks-2


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