Genesis 37 ~ Video Tutorial

I am so excited to be sharing with you today that I have started a YouTube channel for sharing Bible journaling videos.  Please bare with me as I am learning how to video and setting up my equipment to have the best video quality possible.


In my first video I am sharing how I created a Bible journaling page for Genesis 37.  This page was inspired by a sermon my paster preached yesterday at church and I wanted to walk you through how I created the page.  Be sure to check out my video on YouTube and please like my video and subscribe to my channel so you can keep up with my future videos.  My plan is to share a video each Monday.

In the video I showed the colors I used and told everyone I would include a picture of those colors in my blog post.  Let me know if you have any questions about the names of the colors I used or anything else I used in the video.


I pray this video inspires someone else.  I would love to see your work for Genesis 37 as well.  Be sure to visit my group and share your pages with us there.

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