Advent Study ~ Bless It Forward

November was a rather crazy month for me and I didn’t get a chance to prepare an Advent study for myself.  One of the ladies in my group shared her Christmas Bible Journaling Plan and I decided I would follow along with it instead.  She even has a free cute printable so it was easy for me to keep up with it.  I finished up that study yesterday and I am so excited to share with you my work for my Advent study.

Day 1 – I am spending most of my Bible journaling time these days in my Promise Bible.  Day one was already illustrated so I used my metallic pens to color in the page.  I decided to add a tab to the top of the page as well.  I used my watercolor crayons to make the paper for the tab and then used my silver pen to write on it.

Advent Study-1

Day 2 – The second day was also illustrated.  It was a full page illustration with a lot of detail to it.  So I decided to use my colored pencils to color it in.  Using my colored pencils made it easier for shading.

Advent Study-2

Day 3 – I decided to watercolor the page with red and green.  Then I used my free printable from Tess Crawford for the music notes circle and the hope artwork.  After that I decided to use some silver stickers to put “God of” above “Hope”.  Finally I finished off the page with some silver washi tape I picked up years ago at Dollar Tree.

Advent Study-3

Day 4 – The forth day is the only day I didn’t finish.  I decided to use my Stampin’ Up markers to color this page in.  I ended up running out of time that day to finish it up.  I meant to come back and finish it, but I never got a chance to.

Advent Study-4

Day 5 – The page was already illustrated so I decided to create a tip in.  I found an image I liked on Google images and I printed it out.  Then I used some stickers to write “fear not mary” and “Jesus”.  I felt like the page was missing something so I used a stamp to add “bundle of joy”.

Advent Study-5

Day 6 – Today’s entry was really simple.  I used a stamp to add the heart filled with love to the page.  Then I used a red pen and wrote “we” above the heart and “God!” below the heart.

Advent Study-6

Day 7 – The page was already illustrated with one of the verses from today’s reading so I used my glitter pens to color it in.  Since it was on the first page of the book of Matthew I used those same pens to color in the title of the book.

Advent Study-7

Day 8 – The eighth day was another day that was already illustrated so again I used my pens to color it in.

Advent Study-8

Day 9

Advent Study-9

Day 10 – I was really worried about how this design was going to turn out.  But I had already decided what I wanted to do so I didn’t change my mind when I realized the other side of this page was a page I had already watercolored on.  I designed a stop sign and used hand lettering to write “Immanuel” in side the sign.

Advent Study-10

Day 11 – I had already designed the column of this page and the bottom half of the page had a design on it that was not from my reading.  I found this picture online and decided to print it and use it as a tip in for the eleventh day.

Advent Study-11

Day 12

Advent Study-12

Day 13 – This page was already illustrated as well.  So I found this image in Google images and printed it on vellum to use as a tip in.

Advent Study-13

Day 14

Advent Study-14

Day 15

Advent Study-15

Day 16 – This was another image I found from Google images that I printed on vellum.

Advent Study-16

Day 17

Advent Study-17

Day 18

Advent Study-18

Day 19 – For the nineteenth day the verse right before my reading was illustrated on the page and it really went along well with the reading.  So I decided to use my ink joy pens to color it in.

Advent Study-19

Day 20 – This was also a picture I found on Google images and printed on vellum.

Advent Study-21

I really enjoyed this advent study.  It really helped me to remember the reason for the season.  So many times we get caught up in decorating, Santa and gifts that we forget the most important gift we ever received was Jesus and him dying for our sins.

As you can see many of the pages were already illustrated in my Bible and I just colored them in.  On several days I found an image that stood out to me after reading the scripture and I added it to my Bible as a tip in.  Somedays were a little more elaborate, it just depended on what spoke to me during my journaling.

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