God’s Journey Kit

I recently won a giveaway on Instagram from Open Journey.  During the giveaway I won her kit Journey with Confidence and I must say this kit is absolutely beautiful.  The giveaway included the devotional page with the background image of the road, another sheet of a background image with lots of beautiful flowers on it and two sheets of artwork.

I printed the two background images on vellum and I printed the two sheets of artwork on sticker paper.  The devotional page has a wonderful story on it and really gets you thinking about your journey with God and life.  The kit is a three day devotional with three different scripture readings to reflect on.

God's Journey Kit-20

The first scripture is Luke 12:22-34.  I read through this scripture and spent some time reflecting on what it meant to me.  My Promise Bible has it labeled “Do Not Be Anxious”.  Wow, did that ever speak to me.  I have spent most of my life being anxious after being diagnosed with depression in my teenage years.  I thought about all the stuff I am anxious about in life (my marriage, my children, their education, my dogs, my parents health, my husband’s safety while he is away at work and the list goes on).  But the Bible says:

“But rather seek ye the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Luke 12:31

This really got me thinking about how much I should be praying about these things rather than stressing about them.  Have you prayed about your worries yet today??

God's Journey Kit-24

After spending some time reflecting on this scripture I decided to Bible journal this scripture.  My Promise Bible has the design for Luke 12:31 on the page so I used my Veritas pens to color in the lettering.  I knew I wanted to use the pretty background flower page from Open Journey’s kit as a tip in for this page.  I decided to lay the page I had printed on vellum over the page and route it around until I liked just how the flowers were placed on the page.  I loved the large white and pink flower in the middle of the page and I decided it would look good partly laying over the words so I decided to cut out around it.  Then I used some of the washi artwork to cover the edge where I had glued my tip in into my Bible.  The wording on the artwork page “Seek His Kingdom treasure My Journey God’s Love” really spoke to me so I decided to cut it out and place it on the vellum.  I loved the large suitcase full of flowers so I decided to also cut it out and use it on the vellum.  Finally I used two of the tabs to make a tab for the top of the page.

The second scripture reading is John 14:1-3.  I read through this scripture and the verse of John 14:3 really spoke to me.

“If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”  John 14:3

God's Journey Kit-22

We spend so much time in our lives trying to prepare a life for ourselves and we forget that God tells us he has already prepared a place for us.  I decided to use the road background image that I printed on vellum and cover the words with it.  Then I used two of the washi tape artworks and used them up each side of the road background image.  Next I selected one of the hexagon artwork images that said journey and added it on top of the vellum.  My Promise Bible already had the wording from the verse John 14:3 designed on the page so again I used my pens and colored in the wording.  I used the colors to match the image I had used attached in my Bible for the wording.  Finally I used two more of the tabs to mark the top of the page.

The last scripture reading is Romans 8:38-39.  After spending time reading and reflecting on this scripture the one thing that stuck in my mind was:

“shall be able to separate us from the love of God” Romans 8:39

Nothing of this world can separate us from God’s love.  He will love us no matter what decisions we make.  That is pretty powerful to me.

God's Journey Kit-21

In Bible journaling this scripture, again I used my Promise Bible; however, this scripture was not designed on the page.  My favorite supply to use when I am Bible journaling is watercolors.  So of course I pulled out my watercolor crayons.  Looking back at the artwork I had left from Open Journey’s kit I knew I wanted this page to have blue, purple and yellow on it.  I decided to “highlight” the scripture with yellow watercolor and then use blue for the top half of the page and purple for the bottom after.  Once I was done watercoloring and drying the page I pulled out the artwork stickers I had left and started selecting what I wanted to use.  First I selected the artwork on the verse since my Bible did not illustrate the verse.  One piece of artwork that really popped out at me was the diamond shaped “but God first” so I cut it out and “His Love” and I attached these two on the page.  I felt like the page needed a little more so I started cutting out the hexagon shapes and arranging them on the page to finish it off.

This three day devotional and Bible journaling kit from Open Journey was amazing to work through.  It really got me thinking about the stress I let into my life for nothing and that no matter what God loves us.  God chooses to love us just as I have chosen to love my husband.  Open Journey has several other beautiful kits and has so graciously agreed to offer all of you lovely people 15% off your purchase through Wednesday.  So make sure to head on over to her website and grab your kits today and don’t forget to use coupon code OPENJOURNEY15 to receive 15% off your Bible journaling supplies purchase.

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