God Commands Us to Love

For those of you who don’t know I have a personal blog where I share some personal stories.  If you aren’t familiar with my personal blog, check out my recent post choosing to love.  As I have spent time over the last week reflecting on choosing to love I have spent a good bit of time Bible journaling.

When I started reflecting on choosing to love I decided I wanted to use my Creative Bible for my journaling since I have previously created a layout to represent my husband and I in this Bible.  However, when I started looking at the pages the verses were on I had been reflecting on none of the verses were pre-drawn in the Bible and only one page was blank so I decided to design some bookmarks or stickers which are the prefect size for attaching in the column of my Bible, over the words or using as a regular book mark and today I am going to show you how I did all three of these things.

God Commands Us to Love-8

I started out by designing my bookmarks or stickers on my computer which you can download your FREE copy of it by joining our site, and then use the password from your email to gain access to all of our FREE members library.

I printed three copies of them.  The first copy I printed on regular paper.  Then I decided to use my watercolor crayons to color the whole page.  Once I was done coloring the whole page I used my heat gun to speed up the process of drying the page.  After the page was dry I cut the bookmarks out and laminated them.  Now I have a set of bright colorful bookmarks related to choosing to love that I can use in my Bible or any book that I am reading.

God Commands Us to Love-6God Commands Us to Love-9

The second copy I printed on sticker paper.  I only had one page that the verse was on that did not have a pre-drawn design on that page, this is John 13:34.  So I decided to use my watercolor crayons again and color the sticker at an angle alternating between pink and purple.  Once I was done and the sticker was dry I use my pink and purple metallic pens from KJV Bibles to color in the hearts in the lettering before attaching it in my Bible.

God Commands Us to Love-5

The third copy I printed on vellum.  I used three of these stickers on the pages the verses were on but glued them in over the wording since the pages have pre-drawn designs on them.  I used the pen tip of my Stampin’ Up markers to color in the hearts in the lettering on all of the stickers.  For one of them I used three different shades of pink.  For the second one I used two shades of pink alternating every letter.  For the last one I used red and blue.

God Commands Us to Love-4God Commands Us to Love-2God Commands Us to Love-1

I decided I wanted to use the “Choosing to Love” one from the sticker paper and from the vellum.  On the sticker paper I used my red watercolor crayon and colored the whole sticker red then used my silver metallic pen to fill in the hearts in the lettering.  On the vellum I used my red Stampin’ Up marker (pen tip) to color in the hearts in the lettering.  Since I didn’t necessarily have a verse to use these two for I decided to use the page from 1 Corinthians 13.  I attached the sticker on the page first then I glued the vellum just above the sticker so that they overlap but at an offset.  I just love the way this page turned out.

God Commands Us to Love-7God Commands Us to Love-3

I would love to see how you use the bookmarks or stickers.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and share your Bible journaling pages with me.

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