Getting Starting with Bible Journaling

Several years ago on a trip to the beach I was reading some of my favorite bloggers post when one blogger talked about Bible journaling.  The more I read about Bible journaling the more I wanted a journaling Bible of my own.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had several Bibles.  But I loved the idea of a Bible with a column made just for journaling.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love journaling and I love crafts so this was the best of both worlds wrapped up in worship time with God making it a triple win for myself.  During our trip I spent lots of time on Pinterest and Google looking into Bible journaling.  When I returned from my trip I went to the Christian Book Store, Target and Books-A-Million looking for a journaling Bible; but there were not any in stock anywhere.  I could order one online, but most of them were “pre-order” and I really wanted to get started right then.  Does this sound like you??  Then I am here to tell you, that you can get started with whatever you have on hand.

Getting Started-1

When I first started I had my Busy Mom NIV Bible, some highlighters, colored pencils, stickers and other supplies I had on hand from when I use to do a lot of scrapbooking and from being a homeschooling Mom.  Yes, I really wanted a journaling Bible (and soon purchased one).  But I was able to get started with just supplies I had on hand.  I am here to tell you, that you do not need any “special” supplies for Bible journaling.

Bible journaling is about spending time with God, about growing a relationship with God.  Please don’t get hung up on the supplies, what Bible you have and the arts and crafts of it.  Make sure you jump right in, spend time with God and you will learn that any Bible journaling you do is beautiful because its about your time with God.

I would love to see your Bible journaling work, be sure to connect with me on social media!!

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